New Year, New Marketing Ploys, Same Junk For Big Food and Big Soda


As Walmart struggles to catch Amazon in the online retail race they continue to match their foe’s deceitful marketing messages about nutrition.

According to Walmart, potato chips, tortilla chips, and even Bugles are “healthy snacks.” In fact, the retailer is so confused about what’s healthy and what’s not that they feature a variety pack titled, “Healthy Snacks and Junk Food for Kids.” Of course, these variety snack packs are all junk and no health, filled with fruit snacks, chips and cookies.

Contrast that with Walmart’s promise in 2011, alongside Michelle Obama, to reduce sodium 25 percent and sugar 10 percent in its packaged foods by 2015. Dig a little deeper and suppliers were merely asked to voluntarily fill out a scorecard so that Walmart could track progress. Thinly veiled initiatives like this make sense considering Walmart, like other large retailers, profits greatly from the sale of refined carbohydrates.

According to the American Academy of Pedriatics, “as much as 40% of the daily energy consumed by 2- to 18-year-olds is in the form of ‘empty calories’ (energy-dense, nutrient-poor).”

“It’s so simple,” says South African scientist and researcher Tim Noakes. “People get fat because they overeat calories. They overeat calories because they’re hungry. They’re hungry because carbohydrates—particularly sugar—do not satiate you.”

“The economy of refining carbohydrates is the central nervous system of chronic disease,” says Crossfit CEO and Founder Greg Glassman.

Market research shows that as consumer demand continues to shift away from refined carbohydrates, Big Food and Big Soda are focused on reformulation, a term they use to describe changes such as substituting whole grains for refined wheat.

A prime example of this is Pepsico’s push to sell Doritos, Lays, and Cheetos that lack “artificial” ingredients in Amazon’s recently acquired Whole Foods stores.

“The notion of clean and simple is very important to a segment of consumers,” says Frito-Lay Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Saenz. One would think “the notion” is important considering approximately 1.8 million Americans died from chronic disease last year.

In the UK however, Coca-Cola is digging in its heels as a sugar tax is set to take effect in March. The company is opting to sell smaller bottles at higher prices instead of reducing the sugar content of its drinks even when its largest competitor has chosen to reduce the sugar content of its drinks by 50%.

So while marketing tactics may change to reflect consumer behavior and legal developments Big Food and Big Soda’s core business of selling refined carbohydrates remains the same. And as Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman likes to remind audiences, “If its got a food label on it it’s not food.”


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Letter From Abolitionist Wendell Phillips to Frederick Douglass


Letter From Abolitionist Wendell Phillips to Frederick Douglass

Boston, April 22, 1845.

“A man must be disposed to judge of emancipation by other tests than whether it has increased the produce of sugar,–and to hate slavery for other reasons than because it starves men and whips women,–before he is ready to lay the first stone of his anti-slavery life.”

Now taking out slavery as the issue and inserting abortion as the issue.

Matt Kreiser

Orange County, August 8, 2015.

“A man must be disposed to judge of the pro-life cause by other tests than whether it has recklessly increased the human population,–and to hate abortion for other reasons than because it kills unborn-babies,–before he is ready to lay the first stone of his anti-abortion life.”



Steve Soderstrom is the manager of Cal Poly’s Poultry Center.

As manager of the Poultry Center, he is responsible for the feed and care of the unit’s 6,000 broiler chicks and 5,000 laying hens. Additionally, Soderstrom oversees all egg sales and deliveries.

We interviewed Steve to find out why egg prices have been rising so much this year.

1. What is causing the most recent spike in egg prices?

2. So then what caused egg prices to spike earlier this year?

3. Prices around the country are roughly $3 a dozen now. Where are we headed?

4. What’s the bottom line?

Frederick Douglass, Sin, Slavery and Discovery (Why I want to Study Abroad with Semester at Sea)


A few days ago I began reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. I endeavored to read it strictly as an academic and historical exercise, but it quickly became much more than that.

From the moment I began reading, the atrocious horrors of slavery ate at my heart, passages like this one leaving me sick to my stomach.

“The louder she screamed, the harder he whipped; and where the blood ran fastest, there he whipped longest. He would whip her to make her scream, and whip her to make her hush; and not until overcome by fatigue, would he cease to swing the blood-clotted cowskin. (Douglass 18)”

But I would soon find out that the slave-owner described above was not the only sinner, passages like this one convicting me as guilty of ignorance.

“A whipping is the penalty of not being in the field at sunrise, unless a slave has special permission from his or her master to the contrary—a permission which they seldom get, and one that gives to him that gives it the proud name of being a kind master” (Douglass 16).

Because I have a confession, the idea that there was such a thing as a “kind master,” a good master for that matter, had crept into my mind, had become something I believed possible, something I hoped to be true. How ignorant of me to have held such a view. To think that the smallest act of kindness could outweigh the mightiest evil. How foolish. How ignorant.

The truth I have found in reading Frederick Douglass has changed me, reminded me of the evil of slavery and convicted me to continue to search for the ignorance that still lies within me.

But I don’t want to just read and be changed. I want to see and be changed. I want to go and be changed. And that is why I am so excited for the spring 2015 SAS voyage, particularly the stops in Ghana and Senegal.

Ghana and Senegal were both a fundamental part of the Atlantic slave trade. Places like Cape Coast Castle in Ghana held slaves before they were loaded onto ships sailing to the Americas where they would eventually be sold.
The consequences of the Atlantic Slave trade of long ago are being lived out daily from Ghana to the Americas. How the history between our ancestors connects us today fascinates me. To experience and gain understanding of the Atlantic slave trade in places like Ghana and Senegal would undoubtedly enhance my global perspective.

I would be determined to not just meet with the people and see the places but to connect with the people and know the places. Determined to not just learn about the history, but to capitalize on it. To turn that awareness into a contribution. Making the world more equitable and making the world more just. That is what I want. To not just see, to not just feel, but to discover and then change.

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Here is a thought that has been dwelling in my mind the last few days…

“You are not ready to do the right thing until you are ready to get treated like you did the wrong thing.”